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Do you love to act, sing or dance? Are you creative, love the arts, or just want to try your hand at being on stage? Or maybe you're just looking for a fun and educational extracurricular activity?

Then come on over and see what all the excitement is about!

We've been looking forward to working with someone just like you!

What makes us different from other theater groups?

Many theater companies mistakenly think that the show is the only thing that matters in theater education. We respectfully disagree. While performing and artistry are extremely important to us, we firmly believe that acting is an artform that needs to be trained and honed, just like any other talent or skill.


At Starlight Theater, we strive to add a large educational component to everything that we do. For us, theater isn't just about the show, being on stage, and growing as a performer. Theater is also about growing as an individual; artistically, intellectually and emotionally. We don't just want to educate our students. We want to help them become creative, thoughtful, compassionate, and well rounded people, who will be an asset to any employer in whatever field they choose to go into.

Education is a huge part of every class we teach. Each class has its own syllabus, complete with daily educational activities, real world applicable theater training, lessons on interviewing and auditioning, monologue practice, tips on selecting proper headshots, resume assistance, acting exercises that go beyond that semesters play, and much more. We also offer an optional grading system for parents that are interested in adding to their student's homeschool portfolio.

We would love to talk to you about what Starlight Theater can do for you! 

Meet The Team

Mrs. Anne



Anne Brumet has been involved in the theater arts in some form for most of her life. She has acted, directed and cast for everything from commercials, to film and stage.

In her early 20's she realized that her true passion lay behind the scenes and that nothing made her happier than helping other people shine.

Mrs. Anne is an experienced director, acting teacher, stage manager, prop designer and seamstress.  A true theater Jack-of-All-Trades, she loves nothing more than to share her  knowledge and passion for the theater arts with her students.  

Miss Ashley


Assistant Director

Ashley is a former theater student, with years of experience student teaching and directing. She has an amazing ability to help others tap into their unique talents and an incredible eye for detail that she uses to make every show she works on the absolute best it can be. She is currently enrolled in college and working towards her degree. 

Mrs. Deena


Musical Theater Dance Teacher

Growing up in a showbiz family, Deena McDaniel has had a heart for the spotlight since the very beginning. Both her parents were in Ice Capades and she traveled with the show in her early years. From competitive ice skating to rifle color guard team captain in high school to directing a street ministry mime/dance team Deena is active in the arts/dance community. “Empowering children to enjoy the journey through which God is leading them is one of my goals.” Mrs. McDaniel comments. She's set out to inspire, direct and energize the students. Her background includes 28 years of fitness experience and training in mime, jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and Latin dance. "All levels of dancers are encouraged to attend because it’s more than simply learning dance techniques.  We’re training dancers movement skills and teamwork.” In 2007 Mrs. McDaniel started the show Christmas Near The Beach. 

Mrs. Cindy


Cindy is a homeschooling supermom of 18 years, an art major and a general Jack-of-All-Trades. She is Starlight Theater's right hand woman and the driving force that keeps everything running behind the scenes.

Miss Kelsey

Office Manager


Kelsey is a former theater student and student director. She has her BAS degree in Business Management and is a certified Bookkeeper.  She will be assisting with classes and performances.

Miss Reilly


Education Consultant

Reilly is a former theater student and has her BS degree in ESE and Reading/Esol Endorsement K-12. She is currently a special education middle school teacher. Reilly assists in various aspects of the Starlight Theater Program, from writing curriculum to prop design.

Mr. Jamey

Music Director

Jamey is a full-time minister of almost 30 years. Throughout high school and college, he was involved with band, chorus, and theater. He also has many years of experience with music instruction and song leading.

Mr. Derek


Derek was in high school band, and has a big interest in music and theater. He is in charge of props for performances.


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