What makes Starlight Theater different than other theater groups that are out there?

We aren’t just your ordinary extracurricular community theater program. At Starlight Theater, we strive to add a large educational component to everything that we do. Theater isn’t just about acting and being on stage. For us it’s so much more! Every semester has its own syllabus, complete with daily educational activities, theater training that is applicable to the real world, interview and audition training, monologue practice, tips on selecting the proper headshots, resume assistance, and acting exercises that go beyond what is happening in that semester’s play.


My child is already an accomplished actor. Why should he/she take classes with your program?

Good question! Every other type of artist, from sculptors, to musicians and dancers, take classes to perfect and fine tune their craft. Why should actors be any different? ALL actors need to continue to grow and perfect their craft. Over the years, we’ve witnessed many parents of talented children come back shocked after Broadway and television auditions because directors told them that while they were truly talented and they really liked them, they needed more training to perfect their skills. That is the kind of training that we strive to provide. Lessons in how to audition, how to make a resume, discovering what type of actor you are, stretching your range and how to act and behave like a professional are invaluable to anyone planning to continue in this field.


Can you guarantee my child will get a job or get the scholarship they want if they take classes with you?

Definitely not. The arts are a very difficult field to go into. There are literally THOUSANDS of people just like your child trying to make it in this business or earn that scholarship right now. What we aim to do is to give your child the training to help them stand out in the crowd. Our goal is to help them find their niche, what makes them different from everyone else, and to give them the tools to help them reach their goals.


My child doesn’t want to be a professional actor. They just want to have fun. Is this program still for us?

Absolutely! The lessons and techniques being taught in our classes are not just for people who hope to act into adulthood. Everyone, no matter what profession they go into, needs to learn how to interview for a job, be comfortable with public speaking, maintain grace under pressure, think on their feet, and learn how to work with a group toward a common goal. What better way to learn all of those real world skills than while having fun performing with a theater group?


Will every child who takes the class get a part?

Yes. But not every child can be a lead or even a supporting character in every production. Parts are cast based on who best fits each individual role, just like in the real world. A theater production is like a team sport. We are all in this together. There are no small roles. Even the most talented actors can learn a lot from a supporting or background role.

That being said, we work hard to make sure every student has their moment to shine. We provide regular opportunities to perform beyond the actual production. We can’t give you all the details because every semester is different, but rest assured that we will always have a few fun extra acting surprises up our sleeves!


I see you’re a Christian based group. We aren’t Christians. Will my child be forced to participate in religious based activities?

No. While we will pray at the beginning of each class and before productions, participation is completely optional. We do ask that students remain quiet and respectful during prayer time.

We will have one or more small performances a year at a Christian based event or festival. These performances are extra and optional. Whether or not you participate is up to you and your child and will not effect casting in the main plays or how your child is treated and respected during class time.


How does costuming work?

We charge a set costume fee and your costume will be provided to you from that fee. The parents and student will be required to provide proper footwear and stage undergarments themselves. Information about individual requirements for footwear and undergarments will be provided after parts are announced.


Do you have a makeup artist for shows?

While we do have a wonderful makeup artist that we work with for shows, she will be helping with more challenging, specialty makeup. The majority of your child’s stage makeup will be up to them. Our goal is to make your child a self-sufficient real world capable actor. Most stage actors and dancers do their own makeup. Makeup technique will be reviewed in class, and learning materials will be provided. We recommend every student have their own makeup kit. Further information on makeup and recommended kits and supplies will be provided for each production.


My child prefers to work backstage. Do you have backstage opportunities?

Yes, we do! We love our backstage kids! There will be many opportunities for students to work backstage crew, help with building and designing props, video production, backdrop design, and more. In any production, the crew is just as important as the main characters. Nothing happens without the backstage crew!


I see you’re offering dance classes. I’m confused. I thought this was a theater group.

Yes! We do offer Musical Theater Dance Classes and recommend that every student sign up. Dancing is a HUGE part of being an actor! Even if you don’t want to be on Broadway, you need to have some dance experience. You’ll be surprised how often dance skills are called for, and how many casting directors will ask you about dance training. In fact many auditions begin with a dance round, before you even get a chance to show them your acting chops! Musical Theater Classes will teach your child the basic skills and styles they need to be able to audition for a variety of roles.


Why do you have such a big age span in your classes? My child is a Senior in Highschool and shouldn’t be in the same class with younger, less experienced children.

Our classes include Middle School and High School students. While it may seem like a big age and developmental span, it’s actually not as much as you may think.

Many television shows, movies, commercials and theatrical productions have characters of widely varying ages. All actors need to be able to work with a variety of people. Learning to work with differing ages and abilities is a very useful skill, not just for actors, but in the real world as well.

It’s also not uncommon to have younger students who are actually more experienced performers than their older counter parts. It’s a wise student who realizes that they have something to learn from everyone.


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